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LOCATION          Mars

PROPERTY         Group Studio Project, Spring 2017

TEAM                  Jian Liu, Yifan Chen, Zhiyu Zhang

INSTRUCTOR     Guvenc Ozel, Benjamin Ennemoser, Mertcan Buyuksandalyaci

This studio project requires us to implement a 3D-print technology to fabricate a Mars habitat which could be used in 2035. This 3D-print technology and other construction methods should use at least 65% recycled and local material to build the habitat. This habitat could accommdate four astronauts and scientists, and provide reasonable working space and equipements for geologists, physicists, biologists, etc. Alao, it requires 2ft-2ft-6ft mock-up to simulate the construction process with KUKA robot arm.

Our project uses silicone plastic as the first layer of the building, and prints sodium as the structure to reinforce the habitat. Both parts can be produced on Mars with local material, silicon and sodium whichcan be extracted from Mars soil. Moreover, the capsules of rocket can be relocated and become bedroom, lab amd muti-function space. Finally, we embed our project into VR scene that can provide direct space experience to people.


3D-Printed Mars Habitat Design

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