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PROPERTY         Group Tech-seminar Project, Winter 2016

TEAM                  Arta Ghoorchian, Pegah Koulaeian, Tian Lou, Yifan Chen, Zhe Liang

INSTRUCTOR     Benjamin Ennemoser, Mertcan Buyukasandalyaci


The course objective is to develop a series of end-effectors for the Agilus KUKA robots that can be controlled in real-time by users during the fabrication process. In order to remote control a process like robotic fabrication, we have to embrace the user and his ability for empathy, experience, perception and intervention into cyberphysical systems. In this context, we focuses on telepresence as an extension of robotic fabrication. The goal is to develop a series of end effectors for the Agilus KUKA robots that can be controlled in real time by the user in a process of fabrication. Furthermore, we monitor this fabrication process with a virtual reality headset and design a feedback system as an augmented reality application. The augmented reality application serves as a responsive platform that indicates the status, parameters, and guidelines of the fabrication process and that supports human/cyber-physical interaction as a virtual stencil.

Our team use UV curing resin and string as fabrication material to create physical model. UV curing resin can be cured when exposed under uv light or sunlight. We first make sure that the string absord enough resin, and use KUKA robot arm and designed end-effector to do fabrication under a UV spotlight. The way we fabricate is guided by the pre-set of the AR scene. We follow the pattern of AR scene to finish the model.

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