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PROPERTY         Group Tech-seminar Project, Fall 2016

TEAM                  Arta Ghoorchian, Sana Nasikwala, Wai Ching Cheng, Yifan Chen, Zhuoneng Wang

INSTRUCTOR     Benjamin Ennemoser, Mertcan Buyukasandalyaci


As Soft Robotics becomes more and more elaborated, its practice appears evident in fields such as medical systems (e.g. soft-robotic surgery), aerospace, industrial assembly systems, catastrophe intervention, and other industries involving direct contact with human beings. Due to their soft and pneumatic nature, Soft Robotics have a compelling record within the meaning of interaction, extension and mutualism of the human body. This record gives the possibility of a more compliant, sensitive and corporeal conception of technology in Architecture and Design.


In this project, we use silicone to fabricated soft robotic grippers to mimic the motion of creatures grabbing things. The silicone model we made had some air chambers in it which would be affected by inflation. When the chambers were inflated with air, the soft robotic tentacle would bend towards certain direction so that it can catch the object. This project is a practice of explore the possibility of prosthesis application.


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