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PROPERTY         Group Studio Project, Winter 2017

TEAM                  Jian Liu, Qisen Dong, Yifan Chen, Yue Yang

INSTRUCTOR     Guvenc Ozel, Benjamin Ennemoser, Mertcan Buyuksandalyaci

In the future world, as the population keeping growing rapidly, we will face the problem of resource distribution. People would be possibly supposed to live on a world which is much more crowded than it is now, and the energy consumption could be severer. Nowadays, some people have more than two cars or two house which would not be used everyday while others want a car for a short term desperately but can’t use it right now. Sharing economy is the way to solve this kind of problem. In this design, we were trying to share living space, cars and other equipment as modules to explore the potential of fully using resource.

Our design is based on some existing brands. The living space module which is a movable living unit that can be shared as bedrooms and living rooms is branded as Airbnb. The game module that provides people incredible gaming experience is called Sega unit. Moreover, we have other brand module such as Amazon function as a sharing character in the future life.

Airbnb & Sega Module

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