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High-Rise Hotel

LOCATION          Xiacheng, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

PROPERTY         Group Studio Project, Fall 2014

TEAM                  Pan Xiong, Yifan Chen

INSTRUCTOR     Ming Chen


Compared to the traditional hotel, which includes hotel rooms, restaurants, some maybe gyms, this project concerns more on the activity space. The activity space distributed in every vessel of the htoel occupies about 30% percent of all the hotel space, which can please the guests to have great rest and excellent spacial experience.

Moreover, most hotels have same plans of almost every floor, but in this design, I disorganized some regular space into a random space which is connected horizontally and perpendicularly. Customers could own different space experience on different floors. The way people communicating with each other becomes more delight.  

The idea that making disorganized space comes from the urban organization. The buildings on the northwestern side of the site is more random than others around the site. I turned the urban-scale pattern vertically to the facade of the architecture design. This is a way to narrate the city through a building.

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