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Liufang Coach Terminal

LOCATION          Liufang, Wuhan, Hubei, China

PROPERTY         Individual Studio Project, Fall 2013

INSTRUCTOR     Xiao Wang


This is the conflict of urbanization and naturalization. Most cities in this world never stop to grow bigger and denser. In China, the biggest plation country, we are facing the challenge of how to arrange city properly. There are bunch of examples that large-scale public buildings occupy the space that belongs to residents and citizens to have activities.


In this project, a coach terminal is located in a crowded area. I have to find the balance to make a better place for residents. This building is a combination of indoor room and outdoor space, which represent two different functions, station and activity place. The ground space is the terminal, and its roof is a open park for residents around this area to have activities.These two functions bring me a conflict of complex flow, and it’s important to clean up the order of flow to secure people’s safety.


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