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LOCATION          Haikou Bay, Hainan, China

PROPERTY         Group Studio Project, 2016 Summer

TEAM                  Alisha Coelho, Baocheng Yang, Dong Uk Kim, Michelle Pauly, Niloufar Golkarihagh, Yifan Chen

INSTRUCTOR     Thom Mayne


This project aims to combine different systems and develop an urban design for the artificial island in China. We are trying to develop characteristics of system on a large scale urban application, develope the system to adapt to the data and design urban network and animate the urban system as well as visualize the transformation of the urban network over time.

This project began with the pattern research and moved on to the second phase where we combined two different patterns to integrate with urban design. The two groups determined on 'concentra' and 'vasculum' in the first phase were combined together to go to the next step of urban design.

Under the concept of concentra and vasculum, there is a lot of space for its dvelopment. The renderings below show the different former versions of the island urban design. The vasculum system is more orderly which results in a distinct direction. According to different floor area ratio, we can adjust various hierarchies of programs. In the final design, we chose to use interleaved transportation system to create multi-layered space. The hierarchy of the trasnpartation system becomes tridimensional, meaning cars run not only on the ground but also on the flyover which could resolve the traffic problem tremendously. 

Hainan South Sea Pearl

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