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LOCATION          Shahu, Wuhan, Hubei, China

PROPERTY         Individual Studio Project, Spring 2013

INSTRUCTOR     Xiao Wang


Bamboo Museum

The asia pacific bamboo district is the world's largest bamboo region, and Chian is the homeland of panda whose food source is bamboo. However, there is few museum or exihibiton talks ahout banmboo. This is the first bamboo museum in midland of China.


This project is an exploration of the bamboo material as braced structure and exterior protected construction. As a exhibition space, there are different lighting atmospheres adapted to several exhibiton conditions. I am not only using the  bamboo material to reveal the theme of this design, but also combining the nature environment and the indoor space to demonstrate the relationship of architecture and bamboo. The interior is the abstraction of bamboo living pattern that offer people the experience of wandering through a bamboo grove.

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